shiras moose vs yukon moose

Accessed May 2, 2020. 6 (2007): 445-61. Populations expanded greatly with improved habitat and protection, but now the moose population is declining rapidly.

The body weight per footprint surface area of the moose foot is intermediate between that of the pronghorn foot, (which have stiff feet lacking dewclaws—optimized for high-speed running) and the caribou foot (which are more rounded with large dewclaws, optimized for walking in deep snow). Antler size and conformation are influenced by genetics, nutrition, and age. However, we have access to landowner (no draw) Shiras Moose hunts in Utah, and a limited number of no drawing permits are also available for Shiras Moose in British Columbia, where most bulls range from 35 to 45 inches and hunts have historically been very successful. They would have had steep sides lined with planks, making it impossible for the moose to escape once it fell in. Alces: A Journal Devoted to the Biology and Management of Moose 55 (2019): 1-12. [14], Moose require habitat with adequate edible plants (e.g., pond grasses, young trees and shrubs), cover from predators, and protection from extremely hot or cold weather. Like giraffes, moose carefully select foods with less fiber and more concentrations of nutrients.

[13] In 1736, Samuel Dale wrote to the Royal Society of Great Britain: The common light-grey moose, called by the Indians, Wampoose, and the large or black-moose, which is the beast whose horns I herewith present. [172][173][174], Alces alces (the modern moose) appeared during the late Pleistocene epoch. Outfitters have spent time in the field, and have located bull moose, which normally do not move a lot at this time of year. It is usually an excellent time of the year to hunt grizzly and brown bear, which are often on salmon streams or berry patches on lightly vegetated hillsides, making them easier to find.

Moose require access to both young forest for browsing and mature forest for shelter and cover. "Temporal patterns of wolverine (Gulo gulo luscus) foraging in the boreal forest." Typically, they only come into contact with other moose for mating or competition for mates.

estimate of 4,000 and in Vermont the numbers were down to 2,200[when?] Toward the middle of September, the rut is in full swing. Moose with heavy tick infections will rub their fur down to the skin raw trying to get the ticks off, making them look white when their outer coat rubs off. Their long legs and bone structure suggest an animal that was adapted to running at high speeds over rough terrain.[172][173].

Second, given the B&C scoring system, there is a big difference between moose with one brow tine and two when it comes to measure the length of the paddle (described later). The Alaska moose is the largest North American subspecies of moose. After shooting many brands and makes of rifles and ammo, I Remington 700 CDL 30.06 Springfield is my go-to gun for hunting. The average Alaska/Yukon moose taken has a spread of around 60 inches, give or take several inches either way. Males produce heavy grunting sounds that can be heard from up to 500 meters away, while females produce wail-like sounds.

I shot a 330” bull elk and a 45” Shiras bull and surprisingly the bull elk was significantly bigger. Because of the 10-day season (September 1st – 20th), openings are limited and we recommend booking early, and don’t forget the fishing pole!

The next thing I look at is the second easiest, which is count the total number of points.

It is listed under Appendix III of the Bern Convention. Most Shiras Moose that make Boone and Crockett will be at least 45” wide. This is most likely the time at which the species migrated from the Eurasian continent to North America. Dr. Valerius Geist, who emigrated to Canada from the Soviet Union, wrote in his 1999 book Moose: Behaviour, Ecology, Conservation: In Sweden, no fall menu is without a mouthwatering moose dish. They also have a tough tongue, lips and gums, which aid in the eating of woody vegetation. Will let you know if it is a successful hunt. Determining spread is a guessing situation that you should use whole numbers to estimate. To help you determine if the moose you are looking at is a “book” size moose, I hope this helps. [84], The male's antlers grow as cylindrical beams projecting on each side of the head at right angles to the midline of the skull, and then fork. Central/Eastern Alaska: A common feature of the moose in this region of Alaska are beautiful antlers and magnificent, multi-pointed palmation.

Moose are thus attracted to marshes and river banks during warmer months as both provide suitable vegetation to eat and water to wet themselves in. There is, however, a Scandinavian breed of the common moose in which the antlers are simpler and recall those of the East Siberian animals. [15], Moose avoid areas with little or no snow as this increases the risk of predation by wolves and avoid areas with deep snow, as this impairs mobility. As early as the 16th century the Norwegian government tried to restrict their use; nevertheless, the method was in use until the 19th century.

[165], In the Canadian province of New Brunswick, collisions between automobiles and moose are frequent enough that all new highways have fences to prevent moose from accessing the road, as has long been done in Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Cows select mates based on antler size. Alaska moose are hunted for food and sport every year during fall and winter. Lundmark, Caroline. Moose in August. [108] A typical moose, weighing 360 kg (794 lb), can eat up to 32 kg (71 lb) of food per day. Moose are rutting at this time, so the hunting is excellent. The Brooks Range has some spectacular bull moose.

Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Sex and scale: implications for habitat selection by Alaskan mooseAlces alces gigas", "Antler Size of Alaskan Moose Alces Alces Gigas: Effects of Population Density, Hunter Harvest and Use of Guides", 10.2981/0909-6396(2007)13[53:ASOAMA]2.0.CO;2, "Moose: Wildlife Notebook Series – Alaska Department of Fish and Game",,,, Articles needing additional references from December 2016, All articles needing additional references, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 31 October 2020, at 02:59. [114] Moose are excellent swimmers and are known to wade into water to eat aquatic plants. On soft ground or mud, bull, cow, and calf footprints may all show dewclaw impressions. The FASEB Journal 33, no. What is best for your party? The average size of a Canadian moose is around 50 inches, give or take several inches either way.

Moose are not grazing animals but browsers (concentrate selectors). [citation needed] In 1978, the Regional Hunting Department transported 45 young moose to the center of Kamchatka. It is easy to bring home 50 pounds of the best cuts. The world’s largest salmon runs fill these regions streams, drawing big Grizzly, Brown, and Black Bears to feed on the multitudes of fish.

Seeing deer or elk is so much more common. Days are long and warm weather keeps moose rather sluggish.

[41] However, the minor average temperature increase of 0.83–1.11 °C (1.5–2 °F), over the last 100 years, has resulted in milder winters that induce favorable conditions for ticks, parasites and other invasive species to flourish within the southern range of moose habitat in North America. Most hunting here is done out of a lodge or cabin, and then using horses, on foot, and vehicles for day trips. However, unlike deer, "fighting bull moose rarely lock horns as their antlers are palmated. Beef at home is going to be cheaper than your moose meat from Alaska or Canada. [citation needed], A full-grown moose has few enemies except Siberian tigers (Panthera tigris altaica) which regularly prey on adult moose,[120][121][122] but a pack of gray wolves (Canis lupus) can still pose a threat, especially to females with calves. Henry S. Budney’s trophy bull has a spread of 72 inches; 20 inches across each palm, and 31 points all total. Again, it's a fantastic site, keep up the great work.". The size of the moose varies. However, this does not appear to be a problem.

In Shiras moose, hitting the 50” mark is equivalent to a 30” wide mule deer or a 70” Alasaka-Yukon moose.

Attacks from wolves against young moose may last seconds, though sometimes they can be drawn out for days with adults. The creamy white palms on moose just after they shed velvet make them easier to spot, even several miles away.

Thus, the moose's digestive system has evolved to accommodate this relatively low-fiber diet. The youngest bones were found in Scotland and are roughly 3,900 years old.


[168] Local moose sightings are often reported on radio stations so that motorists can take care while driving in particular areas.

Storing moose meat in the freezer or refridgerator is a good thing. and Yukon border.

The lower lying areas contain birch, spruce, willow, and alder, made to order for growing big moose.

With most moose tags over the counter, Alaska is a top choice. Moose have been known to dive over 18 feet (5.5 m) to reach plants on lake bottoms,[115] and the complex snout may assist the moose in this type of feeding.

(function($) {window.fnames = new Array(); window.ftypes = new Array();fnames[0]='EMAIL';ftypes[0]='email';fnames[1]='FNAME';ftypes[1]='text';fnames[2]='LNAME';ftypes[2]='text';}(jQuery));var $mcj = jQuery.noConflict(true); Jimmy grew up in Pennsylvania hunting and fishing with his father and grandfather at a young age. [citation needed], Their fur consist of two layers; top layer of long guard hairs and a soft wooly undercoat. However, the rest of its skull structure, skeletal structure and teeth bore strong resemblance to those features that are unmistakable in modern moose, indicating a similar diet.


[56] However, a moose antler was found in 1972, and DNA tests showed that hair collected in 2002 was from a moose.

The distinctive-looking appendages (often referred to as "devil's antlers") are the source of several myths and legends among many groups of Inuit as well as several other tribes of indigenous peoples of North America.

Again, just like with brow tines, larger moose tend to have lots of points. After the mating season males drop their antlers to conserve energy for the winter.

By the early 20th century, the last strongholds of the European moose appeared to be in Fennoscandian areas and patchy tracts of Russia, with a few migrants found in what is now Estonia and Lithuania.

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