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I finally narrowed the choice down to a mid-engine supercar kit, which left the Factory Five GTM, Ultima GTR, and the Superlite SL-C in the running. Best of all, the Aero is available now, as a turnkey, ready-to-race car. Those include side impact beams, a functional parking brake, hydraulic front-end lift kit for clearing sleeping policemen, adjustable pedals, and a Vintage Air A/C system. Maybe chicken beer too, I don’t really know anything about chickens. This is the same transaxle used in the Audi R8 and Lamborghini Gallardo. Or, is that just crazy talk for even this crazy a car?

No Mustang II front suspension for these cars. Superlite Cars, a RCR sister company, is dedicated to building the very best component cars in the industry.The Superlite line of cars are generally original designs, not replicas. The body and chassis are fully optimized for the speeds seen in NASA ST1 class racing. I also wanted something more modern, so some of the other traditional kit cars like a Shelby Daytona Coupe or ’33 Ford were out. That’s a lot of pizza and beer, but when applied to the hyper car realm it’s really chicken feed. That’s where RCR’s sister company, Superlite Cars comes into play. Okay, yes their products are ‘kit cars,’ and yes, that category is unfavorably tarred by an overwhelming number of shoddy products from fly by night entities, but forget everything you know about this category. When power and weight are controlled, aerodynamics (downforce and drag) and suspension geometry, are largely what is left to manage. Brakes are of course, big-ass discs at all four corners and the car rides on Nitto Invo 275/35ZR18 tires up front, and massive 325/30ZR19 meats in the back. The resulting Spittin’-Bimage was interesting enough for several of you to express a desire to own the little half-Brit yourself.

And honestly, there’s seemingly nothing shoddy about their CAD-engineered and CNC-manufactured output. You couldn’t be more wrong. At just $3,300, fully 78-percent of you thought that going to that length would be a prudent move, and the car took home a Nice Price win. I ordered the kit from Superlite in September 2013 and with help from a friend with an enclosed trailer, picked up the kit in January 2014. On the electronics and systems front, the SL-C also kicked it up a notch with an Infinity Box intelligent wiring system, dual rear cameras with LCD monitor in the cockpit, and air conditioning. All 4 corners of the Superlite Aero share the same upright, made of billet aluminum, Superlite Aero suspension pieces are able to be flipped over for right and left side use to reduce parts carrying costs for racers. Inside that cockpit there’s plenty to play with, including a digital multi-gauge dead ahead of the driver, along with some more traditional dials in the stack. It was slightly cheaper than the GTR, there was much more online support from other builders, and the factory was a three hour drive away instead of across the Atlantic in England. America is often described as a land filled with onerous regulatory burdens, that weigh heavily on industry and stymie. The Superlite Aero is designed and built to dominate in power-to-weight classes like the NASA ST classes.

Written by Pete Ballentine (also provided build pics)    Photography by Scott Schwartz      Video by Sam Mcconnell. Find 25 used Kit Car in Salt Lake City, UT as low as $4,800 on®. There are dozens of little car makers out there, cranking out both weird and wonderful products, and scratching a consumer itch that major car makers can’t, or won’t satisfy.

The LS376/480 crate motor I purchased from Jegs was a real performance bargain at only $6700 for a brand new 480hp engine with a one year warranty. The car has been fitted with a number of accoutrements that make it not just suitable for the street but apparently fully licensable. At the Rally for the Ranch show, I guess they weren’t really sure where to put the SL-C because instead of including it in the exotics section, they parked it in the full-up race car section between the Porsche LMP and  Porsche GT3 race cars. The build quality looks to be excellent and the only parts that appear to have been stolen from other cars are the Audi TT door handles and vents, and the big red Start button. Dayton, OH Craigslist, or go here if the ad disappears. It hasn’t gone thru the sort of reliability testing that even the worst auto manufacturers put their products thru. After building a budget spreadsheet on both cars, researching the available internet build forums, and visiting the Superlite factory in Fraser, MI, I chose the SL-C. Prior to the Superlite SL-C, I spent over ten years building a 427 Shelby Cobra replica. That’s why the Aero has been the recipient of extensive suspension geometry analysis and aerodynamic modeling using the most sophisticated software available, by very experienced staff at Superlite. The Aero is carefully engineered to make the most of those variables to produce winning ST cars. The images below show several examples of thousands of iterations the Superlite Aero went through during its design. I had the SL-C roadworthy about a year and a half after I picked up the kit, though it’s taken me an additional two years to get it to where I consider it “finished.”  I have driven the car and taken it to shows in various states of completion, so when the car was featured in ReinCarNation magazine, they dubbed it “The Chameleon.”   The car has sported three distinct looks; first it was red gelcoat and primer, then Plastidip, and finally a vinyl wrap by Cincy Vinyl Wraps in Milford, OH. You decide.

I haven’t entirely decided on my next project yet, but I’ll worry about that after the auction. If you’re going to make something different, your goal should always be to make it better, right? I decided this time I wanted a roof, air conditioning, and a bit more crash protection than a Cobra. Superlite Aero suspension, with triple bearings for race use. And the funny-looking rocks.

I had no idea when I started the project how much attention the SL-C would garner. For example, while my Cobra used C4 Corvette suspension that didn’t have much adjustability, the suspension on the SL-C was really designed for track duty and is fully adjustable. What do you think, at $87,500 can you feel the deal for this Superlite SL-C? Superlite even notes in their marketing that the SL-C hyper car offers torsional rigidity far exceeding that of almost all its major manufacturer competitors.

I was considering some major engine upgrades like a stroker motor or a supercharger for the Cobra, but my wife suggested selling it and building something else. When power and weight are controlled, aerodynamics (downforce and drag) and suspension geometry, are largely what is left to manage. Contact us for more information. Is this used car a good deal? Rob Emslie is a contributing writer for Jalopnik. One such so advantaged mini maker is Detroit’s RCR—Race Car Replicas—which offers kits allowing home builders to create their own, hand-crafted, classic racers.

Some of us would like to instead experience the rawness and heightened capabilities afforded by a modern sports car design. Sure, it’s street legal, but it isn’t even a little practical. I listed the SL-C with Mecum Auctions and it will go on the block on May 17th at their Original Spring Classic auction in Indianapolis ( It will be considerably less reliable than a 90s Kia. The kit car market, and it’s licensing loopholes, is a big factor in those efforts. One such so advantaged mini maker is Detroit’s RCR—Race Car Replicas—which offers kits allowing home builders to create their own, hand-crafted, classic racers. Razor-thin and highly bolstered seats, along with an intrusive six-point roll cage mean enjoying those amenities will be for the lithe and limber only. As many people know, Katech supplies the engines for the IMSA Weathertech Le Mans Prototype Challenge (LMPC) cars, and the spec engine for the Aero is essentially a detuned version of that engine, so even greater life should be expected. The Aero is powered by a Chevrolet LS3 engine supplied by Katech Performance; the specification includes a new engine fitted with a Dailey 3-stage dry sump, and other parts designed to make the powerplant last under racing conditions. ProSport Oil Pressure, Voltage, Oil Temperature, and Fuel Pressure. Seals on the engine and ECU, along with a random ECU swap policy will help to ensure that every Aero entered in the Championship is identical in power.

How could I say no to that recommendation? The Aero is carefully engineered to make the most of those variables to produce winning ST cars. Remember to include your Kinja handle. Shop millions of cars from over 21,000 dealers and find the perfect car. All that is wrapped in an aquamarine vinyl wrap and blacked out bubble for the two-seat cabin. Of course not everyone is interested in looking back. Help me out with NPOCP.

Geez, this thing’s got more kit that the Ritz. Click on an image to go to the Superlite web page for that car. Owning the car has been an adventure. Transmission: Graziano 6-speed with Limited Slip Differential, Audi R8 V8 version, Brakes: Brembo 4 piston, 255mm dia front, 265mm dia rear, Suspension: Superlite billet suspension with QA-1 coil-overs, RamLift Pro hydraulic front end lift, Wheels: Forgestar F14, 18×10 front, 19×12 rear, Tires: Nitto Invo, 275/35ZR18 front and 325/30ZR19 rear, Engine: Chevrolet Performance 376/480 LS3 crate motor, 480HP, Chevrolet Performance Hot Cam. The build was a bit more challenging than the Cobra, mostly because the SL-C is a significantly more complex car. Pushrod operated dampers neighbor with the exhaust in back, while up front a simpler A-arm with coilover setup serves. Wiring: Infinity Box CAN Bus intelligent wiring system, Seats: Aluminum Kirkey 21 Series with cloth covers, Belts: RaceQuip 6-point camlock harnesses, Rollcage: Superlite 6-point cage with optional side impact bars, Other: Audi TT A/C vents and interior door handles, Dash and door panels finished in DipYourCar Pro-Line Spray Wrap, Aquamarine Oracal 970 Premium Shift Effect vinyl wrap, © Copyright Photography Theme Demo - Theme by ThemeGoods, WTFeature #2: LBZ Duramax Diesel Swapped Suburban, The Superlite Aero is designed and built to dominate in power-to-weight classes like the NASA ST classes. As with the Cobra build, now that the SL-C is complete, I’m itching to start another project. Sure, we may have regulations guiding our industries, but they keep us safe. Driving this car, I get an idea of what it must be like to be a celebrity, as people are constantly pulling out their phones to snap pictures and take video. Dakota Digital GPS sender for speedometer and VSS. Along with the kit, I ordered a Graziano 6-speed transaxle package from Superlite. Perhaps because of the poor category association, Superlite prefers to call their products ‘component cars,’ like they’re old school stereo equipment. As example of all this work, here’s a 2015 Superlite SL-C in the flesh... er, fiberglass. Now, you tale one look at that list of performance kit, and then at the crazy curvy bodywork, and you’re no doubt thinking this is nothing more than a weapon of choice for the track. They may not thrive, but here and there some amazing cars do make their way out onto the streets and the track. Changing something for the worse makes you either evil or just plain dumb.

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