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Acronym Finder, All Rights Reserved. Although Saratoga and other spas in New York centered their developments around the healthful mineral waters, their real drawing card was a complex social life and a cultural cachet. PSP, HIPAA [18][19] Although spa activity had been central to Saratoga in the 1810s, by the 1820s the resort had hotels with great ballrooms, opera houses, stores, and clubhouses.

In England, hot showers were installed in barracks and schools by the 1880s. Major American spas followed suit a century later. Web. [8], Similar activities occurred in health resorts throughout Europe.

This was followed by a series of gradually cooler showers and pools. SPA: Socialist Party of Albania: SPA: Signal Processor Assembly (US NASA) SPA: Security Posture Assessment: SPA: Small Project Assistance (USAID) SPA: Service Public Administratif (French: Public Service Administration) SPA: State Program Approval: SPA: Surinaamse Partij van de Arbeid (Suriname Labor Party) SPA: Space Processing Application (US NASA) SPA


For example, in Karlsbad the accepted method of drinking the mineral water required sending large barrels to individual boardinghouses where the patients drank physician-prescribed dosages in the solitude of their rooms. Its relative proximity to New York City and access to the country's most developed steamboat lines meant that by the mid-1820s the spa became the country's most popular tourist destination, serving both the country's elite and a more middle-class audience. The next several hours of the day could be spent in shopping, visiting the lending library, attending concerts, or stopping at one of the coffeehouses. Resort/hotel spa, a spa owned by and located within a resort or hotel providing professionally administered spa services, fitness and wellness components and spa cuisine menu choices.
Government SPA acronym meaning defined here. In addition, the Romans used the hot thermal waters to relieve their suffering from rheumatism, arthritis, and overindulgence in food and drink. - s.o.s., si op. As shown by M D Eddy, this book, along with numerous local pamphlets on composition of spa water, stimulated additional interest in water cures and advocated the external and internal use of water as part of the curing process.[8][10].

By the force of his personality, Nash became the arbiter of good taste and manners in England. Most Germans are eligible for a Kur every two to six years, depending on the severity of their condition. The first truly popular spa was Saratoga Springs, which, by 1815, had two large, four-story, Greek revival hotels. After the massage, the bathers swam in a pool heated approximately to body temperature.

Bathers, Louis Michel Eilshemius, c. 1920 (Brooklyn Museum), Location where mineral-rich spring water is used to give medicinal baths, This article is about balneotherapy resorts. Saratoga Spa State Park's Neoclassical buildings were laid out in a grand manner, with formal perpendicular axes, solid brick construction, and stone and concrete Roman-revival detailing.

This ended the bathing portion of the treatment. Definition of SP-A in Military and Government. [8], After the American Revolution, the spa industry continued to gain popularity. At 4:00 pm, the rich and famous dressed up in their finery and promenaded down the streets. The wealthy and the criminals that preyed on them moved from one spa to the next as the fashionable season for that resort changed. A general belief developed among the European populace was that frequent bathing promoted disease and sickness. Government SPA abbreviation meaning defined here. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools "
In Great Britain, ancient legend credited early Celtic kings with the discovery of the hot springs in Bath, England.

Most often these ancient people did little building construction around the water, and what they did construct was very temporary in nature.

In 1326, Collin le Loup, an iron-master from Liège, Belgium, discovered the chalybeate springs of Spa, Belgium. The earliest such findings are the baths in the palace complex at Knossos, Crete, and the luxurious alabaster bathtubs excavated in Akrotiri, Santorini; both date from the mid-2nd millennium BC. Supplicants left offerings to the gods for healing at these sites and bathed themselves in hopes of a cure. Bathing, however, was still not a universal custom.

Dr. Samuel Tenney in 1783 and Dr. Valentine Seaman in 1792 examined the water of Ballston Spa in New York and wrote of possible medicinal uses of the springs.

the public bathing industry in the U.S. remained stagnant. In recent years, elegance and style of earlier centuries may have diminished, but people still come to the natural hot springs for relaxation and health. Sale and Purchase Agreement + 1 variant. Feedback, The World's most comprehensive professionally edited abbreviations and acronyms database,, Service Planning Area (various locations), Specific Plan Amendment (various locations), State Purchasing Agent (various locations), Special Planning Area (planning and development), Service Public Administratif (French: Public Service Administration), Surinaamse Partij van de Arbeid (Suriname Labor Party), Patriotic Movement of Sint Maarten (Netherlands Antilles), Specialist, Physical Training Instructor (US Navy), Single Power Analysis (cryptographic attack). Business » General Business -- and more... S.L.

Visitors to the European spas began to stress bathing in addition to drinking the waters. A cholera epidemic in Liverpool, England in 1842 resulted in a sanitation renaissance, facilitated by the overlapping hydropathy and sanitation movements, and the implementation of a series of statutes known collectively as "The Baths and Wash-houses Acts 1846 to 1896". We know 500 definitions for SPA abbreviation or acronym in 8 categories. Since medieval times, illnesses caused by iron deficiency were treated by drinking chalybeate (iron-bearing) spring water (in 1326, the iron-master Collin le Loup claimed a cure,[3] when the spring was called Espa, a Walloon word for "fountain"[3]). The wealthy flocked to health resorts to drink and bathe in the waters. A short time later, Richard (Beau) Nash came to Bath.

[8], A typical day at Bath might be an early morning communal bath followed by a private breakfast party.

Nightly theatrical performances followed the evening meal.

NASA, It is commonly claimed, in a commercial context, that the word is an acronym of various Latin phrases, such as salus per aquam or sanitas per aquam, meaning "health through water".

In a spa setting, they can be used to treat conditions such as arthritis and backache, build up muscles after injury or illness or to stimulate the immune system, and they can be enjoyed as a relief from day-to-day stress."[28]. ,random

Spa therapies have existed since the classical times when taking bath with water was considered as a popular means to treat illnesses.

- s.l.r. Hot Springs, Arkansas, became a major resort for people from the large metropolitan areas of St. Louis and Chicago.

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