starfighter eclipse routes

He is a navigator partnered to Helios and pilots the Starfighter Edifice. From the bits that we do learn about him, he had a hard knock life similar to any ‘colonial kid’ in any given space opera.

Official website for Starfighter, an erotic sci-fi m/m webcomic. You are Helios, the newest fighter aboard the starship Kepler.

The game was made in conjunction with Date Nighto and funded through a Kickstarter campaign, where it raised over twice its original goal. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. At the very best, it’s a retread of much better Sci-Fi stories with twist and turns you can literally see coming from a mile away.

Speaking of our protagonist, Helios isn’t burning the world down with his uniqueness or ambition, but at the same time he is likable in his own way. Starfighter Eclipse and Trying to Give a Russian Mouse some Cheese (3nd Playthrough) I decided I’ll put down all the choices I made and what ending they lead me to. Cain is a fighter for the Federated Alliance. Keeler has an unknown medical condition that threatens to interfere with his duties. You already own this game! Guess who’s the only one who seems to understand it? Encke is the lead fighter aboard the Alliance battleship Sleipnir.

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So yeah, not exactly whisked off my feet by the story. Simply put, it wasn’t a pleasant experience. I’ll try to do a better job of holding back my crippling sarcasm, but unfortunately the main storyline is where we have to start. You are Helios, the newest fighter aboard the starship Kepler. So, despite having several sex options, Helios should be drooling over Selene whenever they’re in the same room and God help you if you don’t. But the stepchild of the family, the dating sim, is experiencing its own growing audience – primarily young women hoping to sweet-talk anime boys (and sometimes pigeons, as in the delightful Hatoful Boyfriend). I updated my past playthrough posts as well. Ironically, there is an outlier in this conga line of pain and that is with a character whose path I think I actually liked under the circumstances: Cain. The setting and thematic elements of this game, and the comic it’s based on, are relatively unique amongst dating sims and entertainment geared towards women in general. the game/book? I tried playing the game both at my home and in a location with much better Internet than my own, so I’m leaning towards Date Nighto on this one. The slick sci-fi vibe is done well, the ship designs are neat, and the greater world is interesting enough to make me curious for more of it, as opposed to just being a backdrop for romance. The backgrounds of this thing are a thing of beauty. He was saved by the Reliant's crew during a recent Colteron attack on the Alliance Space Station, however he lost his left eye and his navigator in the battle. Some have complained about color palette but I didn’t mind it.

And unless you make a wrong choice, leading to an automatic bad ending, there are no canon casualties. He pilots the Pharaon, and is partnered with his fighter, Athos. There is literally nothing to this character outside of being the resident male tsundere and you guys already know what I think about tsunderes. It had just the right atmosphere and the scenes here are paced just right to take full advantage of it. They are written as if this isn’t the only article you are going to read about this game, or as if you (the reader) are going to run off and do more research. ‘Well JP, it wasn’t meant for you anyway! This brings us to the merry band of jackasses that makes up the cast. Again, don’t know how this rolls in the webcomic, but I’m guessing that Abel is the brains in this particular relationship. However, unless you were already mostly sold at “cool-looking sexy sci-fi dating sim”, I can’t say anything here would convince you. See more ideas about Starfighter, Starfighter comic, Cain and abel.

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