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Maybe you’re producing a documentary and need specific Theodore Roosevelt quotes or a speech read in his voice… His name may not ring any bells, but he narrated countless documentaries (with…, For today’s Real Facts From Fake Celebrities, we take a real look at the Nordic island country of Iceland with my David Attenborough soundalike. Email inquiries and correspondence are typically returned within 24 hours. I've built a lot of celebrity text to speech models and host them online: https://vo.codes. Originally, this piece was…. 1 week for tacotron, 1 week for vocoder. If you’re looking for a celebrity impressionist, contact me to discuss your…, For today’s Real Facts From Fake Celebrities, you’re getting real facts about quilting from my Michael Shannon soundalike.

You didn’t come here to read about the voices I do. This hour long special aired on June 29th, and celebrates the history of the…, Voice acting reel highlighting some of the most interesting and high-profile projects I’ve voiced over the last couple of years, special thanks to Aaron Yonda for the production of my voice over reel video. From Matthew McConaughey, Patrick Stewart, Christopher Walken, Denzel Washington, Jason Statham, Benedict Cumberbatch, and many more. I am not talking about annotating the data. There’s a…, Radio legend Paul Harvey is known for his very specific style, tone, and cadence. I maintain studio and recording hours Monday through Friday from 10am through 5pm CST (with evening or weekend hours available, as projects and turnaround dictate). I can now say that my voice was on the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. If you are interested in using our voices … E-learning and online training video narration, personal videos and phone…, As the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has spread throughout the US in the last month, we’ve all been under a tremendous amount of stress. Say goodbye to robotic voices try eLearning with Text to Speech. That’s…, If you’re like me and the folks at MineworksAnimations, you’ve spent a bit of time (more than you might like to admit) exploring, mining ore, planting crops and building shelters in the cultural phenomenon known…, With dozens of episodes available on YouTube and millions of views to their credit, the Christopher Walkenthrough “let’s play” video series hit another milestone on June 18th – an episode of the series was screened…, A few months ago, the awesome guys at Paperlyte contacted me and asked if I could replicate a retro announcer voice over in two different styles – reminiscent of the intro to the old “Six…, There’s a fantastic program on Australia’s ABC1 (similar to PBS here in the states) – it’s called The Checkout, and it’s pretty amazing. Aaron, Emre and Adam (Game Society Pimps) have…, In my latest collaborative video with Game Society Films, I give you a taste of what it might be like if Morgan Freeman narrated the adventures of “Clarence”, a zombie-apocalypse survivor, wandering the wasteland,  in the…, This natural voice demo, produced in 2017, features a variety of my vocal range – from promo and trailer voice projects, to more subdued and friendly male VO. Two Scottish brothers and their friends (based in…, I was recently hired to provide a Morgan Freeman soundalike parody narration for a cross-cultural comedy platform called Mamahuhu. So, it…, Cross one off the old bucket list. [1] It has about ~1500ms of lag, but I think it can be improved.

After hearing a “mega mix” of….

My Sam Elliott impression leans into the richness and depth of tone, Texas accent, authority, and confident wisdom to deliver powerful messages in few words.

You probably know Bill Kurtis from his narration and on-camera work on…, For today’s Real Facts From Fake Celebrities, a good friend suggested the topic of the Diva Cup (menstrual cups) – and I thought my Tommy Lee Jones soundalike style would be a nice juxtaposition. That attention is increasingly hard to capture. For training you'd better have 2 cards or even 4. Another is…, With dialogue from his role in The Prestige, I portray Michael Caine in this impression piece. If you’re looking for a celebrity impressionist, contact me to discuss your…, For today’s Real Facts From Fake Celebrities, you’re getting real facts about the NBC sitcom The Facts of Life, from my Russell Crowe soundalike. The Habitat, created and hosted by Lynn Levy,  follows a group of six volunteers as…, A bit of inspiration, delivered in a vocal style representative of legendary action film star (and former California Governor) Arnold Schwarzenegger.

That’s why airports and public transit systems all over the world have…. Community about the news of speech technology - new software, algorithms, papers and datasets. Here’s a taste of the narration piece I recently provided for the NBC Sports presentation of Ironman: 40 Years of Dreams. Still, there’s no shortage of uses for a solid Donald Trump impression. How long does it take to train new voice from scratch? The COVID-19 pandemic has left millions of us without reliable income. I can adjust to decrease the age, the accent, and other elements to capture a purely “older British male”…, In this piece, produced for Cosmopolitan (Hearst Publications), I portray a parody approach to David Attenborough. For some voice over projects, you might need to tap into a retro or historic vocal style. For today’s post, I wanted to share my Arnold Schwarzenegger voice match as is appears in…, In addition to producing voice over for commercial use, film trailers, and industrial narrations, I also provide voice overs for a few YouTube channels from time to time. If you know what my voice sounds like and you kind of squint at it a little, the results are pretty neat. A parody approach to the legendary Jerry Seinfeld, for use in an employee recognition banquet. According to the documentary, “I Am, Unfortunately, Randy Newman“, that makes me fan number 70,001 (give or take, considering Randy Newman fan lifespans are at the national average). Real Facts From Fake Tommy Lee Jones – Ep 15, Real Facts From Fake Willem Dafoe – Ep 14, Real Facts From Fake Henry Winkler – Ep 12, Real Facts From Fake Alec Baldwin – Ep 11, Real Facts From Fake Michael Douglas – Ep 10, Real Facts From Fake Russell Crowe – Ep 9, Real Facts From Fake Michael Shannon – Ep 8, Real Facts From Fake Jeff Goldblum – Ep 5, Real Facts From Fake David Attenborough – Ep 3, Real Facts From Fake Morgan Freeman – Ep 1, Arnold Schwarzenegger Voice Match Fan Trailer, The Tonight Show: Morgan Freeman Impression, David Attenborough / BBC Nature Documentaries, Dungeons & Dragons and Dorks – Episodes 1-5, Christopher Walkenthrough at the LA Film Fest. Since I’ve already got the DVD, I almost walked right past it – but something…, I’m a Randy Newman fan. One of my latest projects found me…, “You can come back to Earth for ONE day as a ghost. It was used in one of Jimmy’s monologues in…. One of the…, While some voice over projects have shifted a bit due to the pandemic (film trailer ADR for example), other types of projects are taking off. I’ll be doing this every five episodes, so…, In my 2016 Celebrity Impression Demo, I cover Morgan Freeman, Christopher Walken, Barack Obama, Matthew McConaughey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Matt Damon, Jerry Seinfeld, Patrick Stewart, Billy Bob Thornton, John Madden, Michael C Hall, Peter Griffin (Seth…, Several years ago, I had the privilege of providing voice over for a couple of Upright Citizen’s Brigade sketch videos. My impression of Barack Obama is featured in this piece, which also includes a familiar “speech” tone and production effects. I'm not far away from a working "real time" [1] voice conversion (VC) system. I was just about to submit all of this to HN (on "new").

It features my evocation of the familiar BBC nature documentarian, Sir…, Political figures in pop culture are polarizing by nature, but in 2018, polarizing doesn’t scratch the surface. With five episodes of the Dungeons & Dragons and Dorks audio series, and with the weekend here, I’ve combined the first five episodes into a single mega-episode! I hope you enjoy it. While some projects run on mobile phone (https://github.com/TensorSpeech/TensorflowTTS/tree/master/examples/android), they have inferior synthesis quality. You came to hear them. Natural Reader is a professional text to speech program that converts any written text into spoken words. What do you do?” It’s a simple premise which Jean-Marc Lederman (Ghost & Writer, The Weathermen, Fad Gadget) provided to an array of…, For some voice over projects, you might need to tap into a retro or historic vocal style.

I thought it was (for the most part) well-written, and I’ve always liked Michael C Hall.

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