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The Ultimate Collection of the Best IKEA Desk Hacks, A Dozen Life-changing Skills and How to Learn Them, This Is Now My Go-to Boot Style for 2020’s New Normal, What to Do When Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Parents, Hard Work in 5 Easy Steps: Understanding Perseverance in the Modern Age, The Americano: Your New Go-to Coffee Order, 28 More Free Inspirational iPhone & iPad Wallpapers, Free Art Download: 8 Vintage Patent Designs, The Art of Proposing: A Gentleman’s Guide to Planning the Logistics for Asking the Biggest Question of His Life, The Ultimate Bag of Dirty Tricks for Salary Negotiation, 12 Resume Templates for Microsoft Word Free Download. Ikea’s Summer 2020 Collection is Bright and Bold.
We seem to be on a roll of genius ideas. There’s no right way to get divorced, but there are measures to keep yourself and your spouse healthy in the process. Skip the motorized standing desk and the Herman Miller chair, and take a page from the IKEA hack handbook.

Everything you need to know to make the most of this two-day shopping extravaganza (and save the most, too).

But the next step is what really sets this DIY apart.

Great styling with all the pieces on top too, as well as the old suitcases below. Perfect to fit behind a low wall or a couch, this desk uses only the EKBY ALEX shelf, 2 boards,  and a set of hairpin legs to create a slender desk that looks great and fits almost anywhere. Details! If you need a little more space on your desk (ok, a LOT more space!)

It’s something we love doing, but if we can help you guys find inspiration for the perfect piece of furniture in your home then that makes our Ikea hack hunts so much more fulfilling! Ever find yourself needing to step away from a screen to do your best work, perhaps with just a pen in hand and some paper? Trying to hack a desk together out of an IKEA thick veneer countertop and a set of legs.

We’ve gone through hundreds of Ikea desk hack ideas to narrow it down to what we believe are the best ideas out there in this list of 25 desk hacks. Finding a cheap yet stylish desk for under $100 is not an easy feat, my friends. Here are some of our favorites. The plywood wrapping gives the whole piece uniformity and is the perfect backdrop for all the colorful accessories and books. All that’s left for you to do is choose the perfect colors!

You can make this as wide or narrow as you can spare and have it at any height.

Fast, efficient, and offering plenty of space to store office equipment, this option is also very affordable.

Just make sure you sand down all the pallet edges to make sure you don’t get splinters! Another great idea for rooms with limited space is this Ikea desk hack that is simply a large wall-mounted shelf. It doesn’t get much simpler than this: A MICKE desk and a simple, custom-sized board (64.2cm x 28.5cm x 2cm) for a keyboard tray held on with the metal sliders originally intended for the desk’s drawer. This workstation has several different levels of NORDLI drawer units wrapped in plywood, with a plywood desk at the end. Another variation on the countertop (we also like the look of the BARKABODA) and ALEX drawers hack, this desk also utilizes the BOTKYRKA floating shelf to organize and decorate the workspace. (yeah, I know, not as much as we do!). An ALEX desk drawer set is wrapped in timber and set on stylish hairpin legs to create a beautiful and functional desk. Ikea hacks do make a lot of opportunities available to everyone, which is why we love them so much and write about them so much.

One for the gamers (just the one! So let’s head over to see these cool IKEA desk hacks I rounded up in this post, and check out how to upgrade and DIY an custom desk for ourselves. A clever way to combine storage, stability and standing desk health benefits, this IKEA standing desk hack uses KALLAX (formerly EXPEDIT) shelves, BULLIG storage cubes, another KALLAX shelf in a different configuration, and a large LACK shelf to create a deep, multi-functional desk. Lindsey Silva is a native Texan currently living in Germany. Of course you could get a similar look by just using a thick black marker pen and drawing on all the lines, but that would just be cheating, wouldn’t it? This post may contain affiliate links. ... Bekant, and Thyge. For additional storage and a raised space for the keyboard and mouse, Nick Wynja used IKEA’s EKBY ALEX drawers and a LACK floating shelf for added height for the monitor or laptop. We love this Ikea desk hack which uses an old wooden door laid on two LERBERG trestles. It’s so well thought through, I doubt you’d ever be short of storage or worry about being organized. Somtimes you only have space for a slim desk and this Ikea desk hack is a stunning way to provide it. To preserve floor space in a small room, Jennifer Flores took advantage of the vertical space by securing EXPEDIT bookcases to the wall above the desk. This post may contain affiliate links. You can get hairpin legs in all sorts of finishes such as copper, gold, black, silver, etc. The bonus feature is that the legs are made of a picture frame so that you can display a great print when the desk is folded up! To create this insanely inspired desk, Chelsea Foy, the blogger behind Lovely Indeed attached HILVER table legs to a LINNMON table top, then added a set of Micke drawers for storage space. Another easy standing desk hack, this simple solution has only a short tabletop (there are many options to choose from) and some basic brackets, like the SIBBHULT. Emily Lex used three IKEA desks, a wooden countertop, and some pretty brass pulls to craft a desk for two people in a garage apartment. Kitchn is a source of inspiration for a happier, healthier life in your kitchen.

This Ikea desk hack is probably not used in that way, but is still a gorgeous double setup with three FINNVARD trestles and two wood worktops. She simply wrapped the shelf (which conveniently comes with two drawers built in!) A simple and affordable option, this standing desk uses several pieces from IKEA’s discontinued VIKA series, but we’ve figured out suitable substitutes! A slight spin on the TOLKEN countertop and LERBERG trestle leg hack above, use the LERBERG trestle legs with a “live edge” wood tabletop. A clever way to combine storage, stability and standing desk health benefits, this IKEA standing desk hack uses KALLAX (formerly EXPEDIT) shelves, BULLIG storage cubes, another KALLAX shelf in a different configuration, and a large LACK shelf to create a deep, multi-functional desk. This post may contain affiliate links, read about our. Check out this link for the how-to guide. This great Ikea desk hack uses three HEMNES drawers and two worktops to create an amazing double desk space. Stacey updated a plain, pinewood RAST drawer to create a beautiful “leg” for her L-shaped desk, and added some classy handles (similar to ENERYDA, but we’re also fans of MOSSARYD’s look). Her interests include Brazilian jiu-jitsu, balcony gardening, binge watching Forensic Files with her husband, and spending an unhealthy amount of time on Reddit. Skip the motorized standing desk and the Herman Miller chair, and take a page from the IKEA hack handbook. Even the chairs and sheepskin rugs are from Ikea… somebody has an obsession! Given the KARLBY’s generous dimensions, you’ll never fight over desk space again.
One “unlocks” the leg by unscrewing it (anti or counter clockwise) to change the height. IKEA is actually an acronym, which is why it's in all caps. 33 Ikea Kallax Hacks For Really Small Budgets, 19 Ikea Billy Hacks that are Bold and Beautiful, 17 Awesome Ikea Malm Hacks that will Make your Day, 39 Ikea Hacks that are Simple and Super Stylish. An utterly unremarkable INGO table has been transformed into something any interior designer would love. Up your handyman know-how with these 10 simple but extremely effective tricks. Ideal for a hallway, behind a sofa or just because your room isn’t quite large enough for a full size desk.

To squeeze a desk into a small space—like a studio or an already-crowded family room—follow this tutorial by Lauren Koster. I suppose if you have the space, why not make the most of it! It may not have been intended as a desk, but I think it’s perfectly acceptable for that purpose, not to mention AMAZING!

A good desk can be so useful at home and you can come up with the perfect solution with an Ikea desk hack. We love the in-built storage shelf in the pallet! Using the whole wall like this is a great way to ensure it doesn’t all end up on the desk. I love how the pink orchid just about saves them from it being just too masculine! These desk hacks include DIY desks using the IKEA’s simple, rough and cheap products in your home or office, changing a different color palette scheme by spray painting new colors and so on. The “L Shape” Desk Hack from Ikea I can’t believe all of the comments and amazing feedback that I received over my office! desks feature ikea ikea hackers ikea hacks standing desks IKEA is a cruel and fickle creator.

Join 30,000 other guys just like you. If you want more great Ikea hack ideas, DIY projects and Home Decor inspiration please do follow us on Pinterest where we collate all the things we most like. Are both you and your partner working from home? Similar to the option above, this IKEA ALEX drawer hack incorporates a SKÅDIS pegboard overhead. Another great option for couples working at home, pair the ALEX drawers with KARLBY countertops, legs for the middle desk (we like the look of TORSKLINT), and MARIUS stools to create an M-shaped desk with a gender-neutral look you can both use and enjoy.

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