uncontrollably fond ep 19 recap

He apologizes.

Then he was remorseful at his own shortcoming as he gently reprimanded Jung Eun. While it’s true that she has limited time with Joon Young left, everyone grieves differently.

As she listens she realizes that Assemblyman Choi knows what she did. WISHLIST—Excellent wish list, I concur with each and every item.

The CEO says she better be telling the truth.

Tidak lama Choi datang meminta Ha-roo pulang. Ji Tae asks when the documentary will air. She tells him it’s not his fault.

She asks to meet him. He coaxes them to start the party.

It’s a big gamble. Sinopsis Uncontrollably Fond Episode 19 part 1 Oleh IB16 Diposting pada Juli 15, 2020 Juli 15, 2020. Shin Joon Young (Kim Woo Bin) pushes her onto the bed and looms over her. No-eul ikut dengan Choi ke kantornya. No Eul confirms it proves the Jung Eun was the hit and run driver that killed her father. Everyone at the table cries, including Joon Young. Her simple answer that he was Joon Young’s father, might unravel him. His assistant tells him Ji Tae was moved from ICU to a regular room. But it was his interaction with his father that might have started to fissure the hard outer shell of his father. Joon Young tells him to rest and leaves. Joon Young asks if his father is ok. Assemblyman Choi says he’s tired.

REGRESSING JOON YOUNG—It is nice Joon Young is reliving happy memories, but it breaks my heart he forgets his present time Eul. He cries too. Assemblyman Choi tells someone to enter his office. He tells her this is their dream house. Assemblyman Choi is confused. Jung Eun tells Ji Tae that she’s going to the states tomorrow. Eun-soo mengatakan pada Ha-roo bahwa kakaknya lali dalam mengemudi.

One of the better scenes for Assemblyman Choi…and he didn’t say a word! Ji Tae’s mother calls to Choi Ji Tae (Lim Ju Hwan) as he starts to wake.

No Eul clutches her stomach. She asks why he chose this foolish path. He tells his wife to keep it that way and not get caught. My, that is direct. He calls to her. They deserve to be together to the end. His manager apologizes for his past behavior.

She tells him that he has been accused of embezzlement and corruption. Joon Young says he’s passed the first part and will return when he passes the other two parts. Assemblyman Choi sobs his pain.

She raised Joon Young to be just like his father. Joon Young goes to their house but can’t find her. Download Uncontrollably Fond Episode 19, Watch Uncontrollably Fond Episode 19, don't forget to click on the like and share button. So Ji Tae’s mother is the real monster of the couple. LOL, everyone but Joon Young is wearing sunglasses to hid their sad eyes. Assemblyman Choi gives his wife the cold shoulder. The CEO is irked that Joon Young’s mother refused to attend. The little girl asks No Eul if the man is Joon Young. Assemblyman Choi remembers Ji Tae declaring he couldn’t stop his parents. This is the episode was nothing like I expected for the next to last episode of this series. He never wanted that.

Joon Young notices and puts his sunglasses. She didn’t want to admit it, but it’s not his fault.

SORROWFUL MOM— I know Young Ok is grieving, but Joon Young is not gone yet. He looks strange.

She tried to kill her own son and when that didn’t work she framed hi for embezzlement? As she leaves No Eul informs Assemblyman Choi that the footage she gave him is the only copy.

No Jik states his father once told him that people die because they are too lazy to breathe. Uncontrollably Fond Shin Joon Young yang merupakan seorang pria yang bekerja sebagai seorang penyanyi yang terkenal memiliki paras tampan dan pintar. He ignored his mother and asked his assistant about Joon Young. Ji Tae admits he feared father would leave him and mother if he did not cooperate. I’m confused…is this a dream or real? Don't forget to watch the other update series. He asks why she gave him the footage. She asks him to save Joon Young. Is her illness just a cold or something more?

All contents are provided by non-affiliated third parties. Assemblyman Choi calls No Eul. Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 20 (Final). * Young Love – if there could be a reconciliation between Ha Roo and No Jik, that would please me. No-eul mengatakan video rekaman pengakuan Jung-eun yang akan tayang dengan video dokumenter 2 hari lagi. He ignores her calls to him. Recaps/Reviews: Masa lalu Shin Joon Young dan Bo Eul merupakan teman sejak kecil, namun karena ada masalah keluarga mereka harus berpisah dan tidak pernah bertemu lagi. Joon Young comments the election is next week and he’s told his friends to vote for him. Nice to see Ji Tae genuinely cares for Joon Young’s health and well-being. Ji Tae surprised me when he told Jung Eun that he regretted not convincing her to admit to being the hit and run driver. Nice that he’s looking out for Joon Young! Joon Young may not be able to forgive himself, but that’s another matter. Wisely she understood that Jung Eun was untouchable because of her father’s power. At the park, a little girl asks if he’s the famous star Joon Young. That’s the problem I have. Assemblyman Choi reads a newspaper article that states Joon Young has limited time. ( Log Out /  That made his statement all the more surprising. Joon Young tells No Eul he’ll be gone soon but she must live on. She walks away from the onions and cries more.

Joon-young berpesan memastikan video documenter berisi percakapan dia dan Jung-eun diputar. The pace was slow and methodical. * Life – It may be foolish, but I wish Joon Young would NOT die. She looks at the cherry blossoms falling. * Love – I wish Joon Young and No Eul either stay together because he lives, or No Eul is there when Joon Young dies. Joon Young wasn’t going to do that. His time with No Eul was brief. The overarching sadness of Joon Young’s death permeated everything. Joon Young’s management team is trying to cope with the news. Joon Young finds his mother with a diving mask on peeling onions.

He suggests a potential marriage partner for Ha Roo. They both have tears. Joon Young notes the past tense. The only thing I would add is for Ji Tae to find happiness. Joon-young bertmeu dengan Jang Jung-sik yang tidak ingin menatap Joon-young. She gave him the footage and the power to destroy it. She leaves the restaurant crying. Joon Young accepts his fate. Slivers of time is all they get. Tears! She tells him he’s out but will be home soon. Jung Eun doesn’t have the moral fiber to admit her wrongdoing. It isn’t easy for those around him to do the same. Her guilt at his previous treatment is like a noose around her neck. But uncontrollable circumstances separated them and they went their separate ways. Tidak lama Bu Kim menghubungi Eun-soo mengatakan bahwa dia telah menghancurkan black box yang ada di mobil Ji-tae.

The news is full of reports of Joon Young having a brain tumor that will end his life soon. He’s forgetting. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. I was glad that Ji Tae admitted that he knew that his father is not his biological father. He encourages her to make the life she wants. Joon Young lights the candles on his uncle’s cake. She has something to tell him. He lifts her in his arms and starts to walk. Assemblyman Choi remembers Ji Tae telling him to root for him, because he would win. No Eul says the show will air soon.

She chose to be alone with her grief. What is wrong with Young Ok avoiding her dying son, instead of comforting him and getting as much Joon Young time as possible? ‹ Uncontrollably Fond Recap Episode 19 Cinderella and Four Knights Episode 9 Recap › Tagged with: "Lightly Ardently" , 2016 , Bae Suzy , ep 20 , episode 20 , Hambooro Aeteuthage , 함부로 애틋하게 , Jang Jung Sik , Kim Woo Bin , korean drama , Lee Kyoung Hee , Lim Ju Hwan , recap , Shin Young Ok , Uncontrollably Fond That was weird that he didn’t tell No Eul where he was going nor did he acknowledge her when she called to him. Assemblyman Choi is taken aback by Joon Young’s friendly manner. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Assemblyman Choi gets out a cigarette. Ji Tae said he wanted to be a help to his father and make him happy. I finally get it. No Eul is there when Joon Young returns home. In Joon Young’s hotel bedroom No Eul (Bae Suzy) says his latest method of teasing her is not working. She claims she’s avoiding the press and his house is a good place to hide. It isn’t easy for those around him to do the same. She sobs that she raised him wrong. She believes he knows a doctor that can save Joon Young. No Eul waits for Joon Young at their house. He asks if she’s planning on dying with him. Assemblyman Choi believes that Ji Tae thinks he’s the mastermind behind his accident. His father must have already known. He offers a gift for Ji Tae. FAITHFUL JI TAE—I was so pleased Ji Tae’s first thoughts out of the coma were about Joon Young.

He’s not happy she’s suffered without telling him. Joon Young laughs. * Bonding – I wish Ji Tae and Joon Young to have a face-to-face brotherly moment. In Ji Tae’s room Choi Ha Roo cries that Ji Tae never drives recklessly. He suggests they take a drive together.

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