valley avocet review

My wife is 5’11" and weights 135 pounds and absolutely loves her Ultra Avocet, as does every lady who has ever sat in it. Thanks for the positive comment! Hatches are dry, cockpit is comfortable.

It has a bit more room in it, which is great for long trips, but most of my paddling is for the day. In October, I test paddled both Valley boats you mention with the goal of purchasing one. I certainly don't feel big for the RM at 160. I'm also scratching my head on posts for winter blogs... maybe more favorite paddlng photos or some kayaking books or magazine reviews? The Avocet RM is a tigher fit than the compostie Avocet, which would be rather large on you. Valley Sea Kayaks has also set up shop in Rhode Island, U.S.A., so bringing them into our National Capital area of Canada will be a little more affordable. It was well balanced in the wind, especially with the retractable skeg deployed. It's an older P&H boat, on the niche side in terms of its appeal. The hatches are a job to put on, but knowing that your hatches are completely water tight makes it worth the effort. But it's a quite different personality than my expedition boat, which is why I like having it. Leaning into waves and bracing this boat is great. A few paddlers have told me about hitting some scarey or difficult water in between dams on rivers on lazy summer and fall days.Just one of my ideas.

I am 5’10”, at 180lbs, the boat fits like a glove. Since I grew up on an old-style Nordkapp, the primary stability of the Avocet is rock solid by comparison. The rocker is perfect for tide racing, paddling in on white water, or riding very large breaking waves. Avocet LV for funAt your weight I think the Avocet LV would be the most fun.

I think it will suit him better than myself. Though my goal was to have a great boat to handle in many conditions, and be able to easily load/unload myself. One of my thoughts for winter blogs is a tribute to why I love each of those boats.

I've only sat in the Avocet LV. I have had people 6’ 170 lbs that can fit into its cockpit they love its playfulness and I have had to ask for my boat back. The boat is responsive and at first may seem tippy, but the swallow V is easily adaptable and will give you great ease knowing you can handle it better for more unstable conditions. The boat wasn’t spritely in its response compared to my Vela, which was why I gave it back. D: 11.5 in its great. I love the feel of the Valley boats. Nice low foredeck, sleeker than the Avocet. BaffinPaddler - I think I bit off more than I can chew though. I rowed crew competitively for a couple of season but found it extremely boring. It feels so light. I went home with one. Back to top. The boat rolls incredibly well done n all conditions. 45 lbs. It edges with ease and stability.

I took off the pad because that did cause discomfort but I dont want the pad on it anyway. I’m a little shorter…Four inches shorter and 10 pounds lighter. Sean himself has an Avocet that he loves, and I think that he was in an Avocet for some of the takes in This Is the Sea. Thank you for your comments!

Hi Mike,I'm working on a bigger project over the fall and winter for the BaffinPaddler.

This leaves out all the other kayaks that are 50lbs plus including other Valleys, NDKs, P&Hs and the sexy Tideraces. Most are well outfitted for comfort. I can see people not caring for the back band. ThanksI hadn’t heard of the Ultra Avocet–so I will need to inquire. This is no time for vanity. I paddled an Avocet for a couple of years guiding day trips.
I will say that the huge variation in personal paddling goals and paddling conditions, even for day trips, makes it unwise to choose a boat based on comments here. As others have said above, that boat will happily carry more weight than Valley suggests, and you are enough larger than me that it's worth a look. Only minor complaints: to some other similar fiberglass kayaks this feels heavy, and in any slight seas it doesn't track well without the skeg. Must be fast enough to keep up with others (I use a greenland paddle and easily keep - sometimes having to slow down - although I do paddle with a quick cadence). I couldn't help striking a yoga pose in from of the big red M in the Tremblant Ironman village today. But I'll be posting more on dams. Has to fit my frame (5'4, 125lbs). For more information please read our, Simple Holiday Recipes and Drink Pairings for the Ultimate Feast, Three Smart Helmets That Will Amplify Your Riding Experience, Pick Up Some New Fall Clothes At The Huckberry Sale Today, 5 Great Items To Help Build Lean Muscle At Home, Build Up Your Kitchen With The Sur La Table Cookware Event, A New Pair Of Nike Running Shoes Are Yours For A Great Low Price. Is a Double Blade Paddle Good in a Canoe?

I tried the Aquanaut LV and while turning much easier than my OI, it did seem to want to be edged to turn. I ended up with the more playful Avocet. Valley website wgt.

I am not a fan of the regular Avocet for my size. The magic of camping and kayaking at Bon Echo Provincial Park, Mazinaw Rock, Ontario, Canada! You live in an area where it should be no problem to get a demo of the two boats. Paddling the Valley Nordkapp RM between Beaver and Garden Islands.

When you don't have bigger or faster water to play in, it's great to have a sea kayak you can easily amuse yourself with in calm water. I have a paddle buddy who has an Eliza–after paddling her boat, I realized what a kayak could feel like, so that moment triggered my search for a boat to fit my body. outstanding choice for smaller paddler... "a dancer", maneuverable, steady, slender. This is a wonderful boat that I would recommend to any sea kayaker. Have you considered the composite Necky Eliza? My criteria for selection: I have several kayaks and my Valley Avocet LV (Kevlar)is by far my favorite. I decided upon the Valley Nordkapp RM sea kayak after test paddling several boats. I think I’ve narrowed my search down, but will need to go back and paddle the two boats again for comparison.

When I first paddled the Avocet LV I had only been paddling for a little less than a year. Moves easily through textured water. Only you know precisely the type of paddling you will be doing. I've only demoed those two composite boats. Happy idea shopping for your blog!The BaffinPaddler, I love the seat. I have an Avocet RMand have paddled an Aquanaut and Aquanaut RM. This low profile is perfect for big waves, water splashing and crashing over your deck with little effect on the boat.
0 stars based on 0 reviews Add your review. At a recent boat show I tried the Avocet LV and fell in love with it, because of the fit. Valley Avocet LV $3,799 (Ultra Kevlar lay-up), L: 15 ft 11 in The ideal weights posted on the Valley site made me rethink the Avocet was right for me. Thank youTrue statement.

I like boats that are great at getting sideways and quick to move when you want to. Carves and edges without a second thought. It edges WELL; and easily, too. It tracks and edges well, it rolls easily (when you want it to), and it handles rough water and wind well. It's a 16 ft Avocet roto-molded plastic modle by Valley. 0 (Be the first to add a review!) I’ve taken this boat out slicing through 8-10ft swells and surf only to end up airborne from the cockpit and behind. Valley Avocet RM Technical Information.

I’m ~175 and LOVE my Avocet.

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