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The wood mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus) is a murid rodent native to Europe and northwestern Africa. One of the most popular snowy owls in the Harry Potter universe is Hedwig. Wood Mouse. Males possess a sac known as the cauda epididymis, which stores sperm and lies underneath the scrotal protrusion. Pick up a book for crying out loud! And as a reminder… Here are the Patronuses of the Harry Potter characters (and author) Harry Potter – Stag Lily Potter – Doe

This animal is known for its relatively long hibernation periods during cold seasons. It is known for its playfulness, affection, and demand for attention. Yours would be a snowy owl. [5], Wood mice are primarily seed eaters,[6] particularly seeds of trees such as oak, beech, ash, lime, hawthorn, and sycamore. Here are some other popular animals that could be conjured through the spell. There are numerous cat family animals in the top twenty most popular Patronus list. While no animals have been known to be more powerful than others, conjuring one of the rarest would be quite cool. Among these is the Tonkinese cat. You will be a small David against a deadly Goliath – and as we all know, a David needn’t ever fear. This implies that those who conjure up these animals are highly introverted and would rather be in places without a lot of people.

If seeds are plentiful on the ground, they carry them back to their nests/burrows for storage. The wood mouse has a breeding season from February to October in which multiple matings occur between males and females, resulting in scramble competition. Foxes are also known for their ability to survive in different conditions due to their resilience and adaptability. SBN 85640-090-4, CS1 maint: multiple names: authors list (, "Abundance and Food-Searching Intensity of Wood Mice (Apodemus sylvaticus) in Fragmented Forests", "Do frugivorous mice choose where or what to feed? It is well known for its strength, friendliness, and intelligence. This species can be distinguished from the similar yellow-necked mouse as it lacks a yellow collar that … [2] This animal represents one’s leadership qualities and the desire to always watch out over others. Or maybe watch a movie! Yours would be a dolphin. Wood mice are mainly active during the dark, probably having evolved so to avoid predation, employing several anti-predatory strategies, though breeding females may be more active in daylight in order to collect sufficient food. They are the natural mapmakers of the animal kingdom, using twigs and leaves at key points to help them find their way around. This little animal portrays a person’s inner courage and smartness.

It would not be surprising if a member of the famous Slytherin house conjured a fox. If you ever find yourself lost in the Forbidden Forest, you can call on your Patronus to help guide you back to the safety of the castle! The above Harry Potter Patronus quiz will match your strongest attributes with the animal that closely matches your profile. [3], Wood mice inhabit forests, grasslands, and cultivated fields, tending to seek out more wooded areas in winter. The Patronus is one of the hardest magical charms to conjure in the Harry Potter universe. Dolphins generally live in groups known as pods and can often be heard making clicks and whistling.

Edit: Now with videos! The bigger they are, the harder they fall. To help you find your Patronus, here is a look at some of the commonest and the rarest animals to conjure using the charm. Like many Slytherins, you are a dreamer, but it’s likely that your dreams are less about power-hungry ambition and more centered around your own and your family’s well-being. This unusual trait means that they will never let you get lost. Mice, despite their negative reputation, are symbolic of the Earth and therefore the Underworld and the cycle of life and death.

A fox would be your most probable guess. The society is polygynous with copulation resulting from scramble competition during reproductive periods. [13] To avoid predation, wood mice tend to forage in covered microsites.[14]. In most occasions, the spell is used against the evil creatures known as dementors.

The alternative common name of this species is the long-tailed field mouse, as the tail is often roughly the same size as the combined head and body length. The stag is well-known for having been conjured by the eponymous character in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. This bird is known for how it fiercely defends its nest against intruders. Yours would most likely be a hedgehog. Top 10 Disney movies of all time: Which ones are they.

Image: instagram.com, @mimiwitch7Source: UGC. This aquatic mammal is renowned for its friendliness and playfulness. The offspring become independent after about three weeks and become sexually active after two months. This bird is known for its ability to fly for hours without flapping its wings, just surfing the wind.

A person’s Patronus represents their deepest self and traits that are often less-known to others. The Marvelous Mods: Gryffindor: @too-quick-to-quit - "MoMo" @fandomsaremysoul - "Kitty" @undomielles - "Erin" Hufflepuff: @jinxy-valentine -"Jinxy" @thefirststarinthesky - "Star" @watermalonepie - "Monty" Ravenclaw: @cress-in-a-dress - “Abigail” @onephangirlingpanickingpilot- "Lindsey"@the-silent-snowstorm-owl- "Phoenix" Slytherin: @imagitory - "Tory" @ineedjesusorcocainewhateverworks - "Gabi@slytherinsincerity- "Rachel" Read about us here~! During the colder months, wood mice do not hibernate; however, during severe winter seasons they can fall into a torpid state, a decrease in physiological activity. When done successfully, a glowing white form of an animal spews out of the wand. Leave your email to receive our newsletter, Get the hottest stories from the largest news site in Nigeria, Drop your mail and be the first to get fresh news, These 15 animals that mate for life will melt your ice-cold heart, 100+ useless facts you need to know today, Top 30 cutest dog breeds in the world that will melt your heart, The best butterfly quotes, sayings and poems, Pukwudgie: Top things you need to know about the mischievous little creature, TB Joshua releases prophecy on outcome of US presidential election, WAEC 2020: Young Nigerian girl clears all her papers, makes 9 As, here are her subject combinations (photos), Finally settled? The Albatross is a massive seabird commonly found near the Southern Ocean and in the Northern Pacific. People who conjure up unicorns have what would be described as a unique and rare personality. Image: instagram.com, @witchywandersSource: UGC. There are numerous animals in the Harry Potter universe that witches and wizards could conjure up with the Patronus charm. Wood mice, otherwise known as field mice, are nocturnal burrowers who make extensive tunnels underground for themselves and their families. Once spermatozoa of similar genotypes are identified, altruism genes are turned on to elicit a response that seeks to conserve the genes present in the other cell, even if it results in the destruction of the cell performing the action. In Ancient Greece they were seen as sacred to the god of light and music, Apollo, and medieval European belief held that mice helped carry the souls of the dead from their bodies into the next life. As Professor Lupin told Harry in Prisoner of Azkaban, the Patronus is ‘a kind of Anti-Dementor – a guardian which acts as a shield between you and the Dementor.’ It’s also ‘a kind of positive force, a projection of the very things that … This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Sirius Black was reported to have broken free from Azkaban prison, ghastly beings called Dementors were stationed across Hogwarts as a precautionary measure. The wood mouse is also found in northwestern Africa and on many Mediterranean islands. Let us know in the comments! Young are weaned at between 18 and 22 days old when they weigh 6-8 grams. The Patronus charm was introduced in the third book, The Prisoner of Azkaban. Here is a look at the rarest ones. Pottermore. In Harry Potter books and movies, the Patronus charm only works if one can gather happy memories. It is closely related to the yellow-necked mouse ( Apodemus flavicollis ) but differs in that it has no band of yellow fur around the neck , has slightly smaller ears, and is usually slightly smaller overall: around 90 mm (3.54 in) in length and 23 g in weight. Despite its small size, the wood mouse is known for its intelligence and bravery. In addition to their individualistic habits, hedgehogs are known to be quite aggressive when defending themselves. The wood mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus) is the most common native rodent in Britain.

In most occasions, the spell is used against the evil creatures known as dementors.

@shamelesswampus also asked for this one! Having a Wood Mouse as your Patronus means you find comfort in nature.This meaning seems more in-tune with a Hufflepuff, but for you, it means you put a lot of value on the passage of time.

The wood mouse leads a pretty tame life. This is probably …


This altruism follows a "green beard" mechanism in which spermatozoa discern the genetic similarity of surrounding gametocytes (such mechanisms are rare because they must code for a recognizable phenotype, as well as response mechanisms). Predators of wood mice include foxes, snakes, weasels, hawks, owls, domestic dogs and domestic cats. The aim is to produce a silvery-white guardian or protector, which takes the form of an animal. It has brown fur with a reddish tinge and a white or greyish belly. In winter, they may prey on hibernating bats.[8].

What the heck is a Patronus? Here is a look at the 20 most popular animals that could be conjured. The complete breakdown of the quiz, aka a spreadsheet that contains the answers for every single Patronus. The Patronus is one of the hardest magical charms to conjure in the Harry Potter universe.

One can only know what their animal is … One can only know what their animal is the first time they conjure it. One interesting observation about the species, in particular the males, is the morphology of the spermatozoa.

It is one of the most intensively studied species in the genus. You are a resilient person who does not fear death or endings, instead only seeing possibility for new beginnings. 1975. Deployed apical hooks combine with apical hooks and flagella of other spermatozoa. The wood mouse (Apodemus sylvaticus) is a murid rodent native to Europe and northwestern Africa. Tags: tory speaks patronus analysis slytherin pride siriuslyjen wood mouse. [15] The mobility of these mobile trains was also found to be influenced by premature acrosome reactions, altruistic acts performed by some spermatozoa for the benefit of other genetically similar gametocytes. According to J.K.Rowling, a mouse was among the most famous animals ever conjured by a wizard named Illyius. If one conjures a dolphin, it would be a reflection of their generally extroverted and outgoing personality.

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