Peoples Patriot Network About

Peoples Patriot Network is about liberty and freedom.

True liberty consists of four individual and important aspects. They are, "Spiritual, Political, Financial & Health". Complete freedom & liberty is when one has partial or total control of each of these aspects in their lives. That, of course, will dictate the announcers topics and subject matter covered on a continuous basis at PPN Radio.

We want to help you understand what is being done to us. More importantly, how you can "recapture" your true God Given Laws and TRUE "Constitutional PROTECTIONS".

The main concept of Peoples Patriot Network is to reveal the TRUE "America". A set of ideals, concepts and principles we have long since lost or have been obscured from us. America the 'land of opportunity & freedom', and the 2nd country in the history of the world to possess God Given Natural Rights!

You will get daily programs from our regulars Brent Winters, Jim Ramm, Monte Ray, DJ Michael Gaddy and myself.

At PPN we explore the cyber currency explosion, which we investigate on air. Let's learn together to take full advantage of Bitcoin, Ethereum and others.

We have an Alternative Heath segment with an emphasis on natural health, nutrition and health law.

I could never have dreamed this project would ever get as much penetration & exposure as it's gotten. Nor could I have ever believed the radio show would come together like it has and also gained the acceptance we have gained. To this point we've been in a situation where the program was always on a network that belongs to someone else. That has now changed. NOW we strike out on our own!

Peoples Patriot Network is a dream come true for me. It may also become one for you, our loyal cadre of listeners literally spanning the globe!

Listen in! I'll bet you'll want to "stay tuned" ....

Roger Sayles