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Common Lawyer Brent Allan Winters

Attorney & Counselor at Law

Brent Allan Winters grew up on a farm north of Moonshine, Illinois; served as diver, U.S. Navy Mobile Diving Unit 1 and aboard carrier USS Coral Sea; worked as a geologist and mine operator; and ran for U.S. Congress. Brent has briefed cases in the United States Supreme Court, argued before the jury and appellate courts (both State and Federal), has represented clients in foreign countries, and clerked for a state appellate court judge.

Brent Winters - Common LawyerOur common-law way of life and thought, says Brent, is not only the lifeblood and backbone of our U.S. Declaration of '76 and Constitution, but is also the object of zeal that delivered our country to nationhood and remains the fellowship that defines Americans to the world.

Brent has written the following books (available at

  • The Good Book-A Common Lawyer Translates & Annotates-Toward a Raw Translation From the Original Hebrew, Aramaic & Greek Tongues (2012)
  • Winters Translation of the Bible Unannotated-Toward a Rawer Translation From the Original Hebrew, Aramaic & Greek Tongues (2015)
  • Excellence of Common Law-in Light of History, Nature & Scripture
  • Study Guide-for Excellence of Common Law (the book above)
  • Declaration of '76 & U.S. Constitution-A Common Lawyer Comments Clause-by-Clause
  • Audio Version-Declaration of '76 & U.S. Constitution
  • Juror Handbook-History & Use of Our Common-Law Jury
  • Don't Talk to the Police-Reasons for the 5th Amendment
  • Militia of the Several States-Our Constitution's Four Militia Clauses
  • God's Trust Settlement-Exposition of Genesis 15:1-9
  • Teach Freedom Handbook-the Four Arts of Freemanship (forthcoming)
  • Book by Book-Theme and Key Verse for Each Book of the Bible
  • Magna Carta Audio Series-A Common Lawyer Comments
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