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I'm Monte Ray, the Natural Lawyer. I’m an advocate for natural law and natural medicine.

I’m also the author of Legal Dynamite, Seven Explosive Secrets of American Law (The Deplorables' Guide On How To Make America Legal Again).

This book is the fruit of my 45 years of practicing of law, during which I developed an unusual specialty. I call it "legal archeology." Let me explain.

American law is an illusion. It is not real. It’s like one of the floating mountains in the movie Avatar. Our legal system is rootless, detached from its base, having little foundation in our fundamental laws.

Over the past 200 years, scholars, legislators and jurists have largely succeeded in creating an illusory, counterfeit legal system, parallel to the real one. I call it the Legal Matrix.

Our real legal system is like a Rembrandt masterpiece that has been painted over. I am a legal archeologist. I search for real law buried beneath 239 years of deception and incompetence.

I would like to share with you the treasure I have uncovered -- the Master Plan for liberty and prosperity given to us by our founding fathers. Here are some of the subjects we will regularly discuss on Legal Dynamite:

1) Sovereignty. I've always said that "Law is easy -- if you know who you are." Most people don’t want to know. They really don’t. They enjoy being asleep.

Self-discovery can be very challenging. It takes courage to accept your personal power and magnificence. But if you’ve got the guts, I’ve got the time. Let’s wake up and roar!

2) The real meaning of the Second Amendment. It's not what you think. Not even close.

3) The Medical Swamp. There was once a "golden age" of healing in America, but our handlers have erected an allopathic-industrial complex [a Medical Matrix] which values profits over real healing. For the last years of my career I was a "health" lawyer." I represented doctors, osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists and other integrative practitioners.

4) The Supreme Court is not supreme. The founders did not replace one king with five more (back then there were only five justices). Any Supreme Court opinion is just that – an opinion -- and to the extent that it's constitutional, it deserves our respect.

5) Real Money. Technology is creating a paradise on earth. We'll focus on the blockchain and the emerging digital monetary system – bitcoin and other "cryptocurrencies."

6) Science has a part to play in our legal education, especially quantum physics. As Thomas Jefferson said, "each day there will be six or eight hours for reading history, politics, ethics, physics, oratory, poetry, criticism, etc., as necessary as law to form an accomplished lawyer."
So, let's discover together how our swamp-rat handlers have turned reality upside down. Take a red pill, relax and let's tumble down the rabbit hole together. Will we end up in Wonderland? You'll have to tell me.
I'll see you on the radio!

Monty RayMontfort S. (Monte) Ray, J.D. is a lawyer and an historian. He received his undergraduate degree in American history from Princeton University in 1966 and his law degree from Emory University Law School in 1969. He has practiced law in the state and federal courts of Georgia and other states for over 40 years. Monte and his beloved wife Marjorie live on a river near Savannah, Georgia, where he enjoys the salt life and is a slave to three cats.

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